Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Blog, Part Two

Freshly finished with the SAG Awards (huzzah to "Benjamin Button" being shut out), I'm now watching "First Blood" on AMC. That fact in and of itself deserves dissection, but I'll leave it be, because there's so much else to talk about.

So first of all, is Rambo supposed to be a post-Vietnam Era HIPPIE in this movie? There's an awful lot of reference to his hair being too long, but it's not really long at all. Nor does he put out an especially strong hippie vibe. Je suis confused.

Second, are people ever really arrested for vagrancy?

If so, do small town cops really spend so much time torturing vagrants with razors and such?

Is Brian Dennehy ever thin and not in peril?

Am I very very wrong to find Sly hot in this movie?

Otherwise, this movie is all about confused memories for me. Due to its adult content, I mostly watched this movie from behind the couch at my dad's house and didn't understand what the heck was going on. All I took away from it was that Vietnam vets were a mountainous people. And even then I think the movie I'm really remembering is "First Blood Part Two," since I have very vivid memories of Rambo yelling at Murdoch and far fewer of Rambo making a man-tunic out of an abandoned tarp, which is what's happening on screen at the moment.

Actually, really, what is this tunic all about? He was wearing a perfectly reasonable tank top a few minutes ago. Personally, when I'm being chased, tunic conception and execution is usually low on my list of priorities.

I'm starting to doubt the validity of "First Blood"'s American Movie Classic status.

Hi ho.

Gonna start this sucker up again.